Simple Job Proposal 1.08

Simple Job Proposal 1.08



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Author: Jeremy Breaux

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This iPad app is for companies that want to make it easy to write a job proposal on the go. Great for anyone that does contract work.

How To Use

You simply launch Simple Job Proposal on the iPad, and fill out the customer"s name, date, customer"s address, customer"s phone number, customer"s email address, job name and location in the provided fields. Next, you fill out the large space with your job proposal specifications. Then, you fill out the sum and the number of days the customer has to cancel the proposal. Finally, you sign your name next to the authorized signature.

Now, you hand the iPad to the customer and they fill out the date and sign their name. Next, tap the e-mail button and e-mail the customer a copy of the completed form (if you like send yourself a copy too). The newly created job proposal agreement is stored in the popular PDF format and is an attachment to the e-mail.

No more hard to read job proposals or misunderstandings from poor handwriting! The best part is that Simple Job Proposal makes your activities greener! No more paper wasted!

How To Sign Job Proposal Form

Simply use you finger to sign your name above the available space on the signature line. You can purchase a Pogo Stylus from if you want something that has better results.

How To Delete a Bad Signature

Are you not happy with the way your signature turned out? Double tap on the signature you just created and it will delete itself and you can try again.

Tips For a Good Signature

We have found that small strokes make for the best signatures and to take your time signing. You will be very happy with the result.

Note: While the inputted information is stored temporarily until you tap on clear. If you close the app and reopen the signature will not be saved during this time. It is important to e-mail the finished job proposal agreement upon receiving the iPad back from the person signing.

How to Load a Company Logo
Tap on the "Load Logo" button on the bottom of the app. Next, read the on-screen instructions. Look for the URL that your iPad is displaying (NOTE: Wireless network access is needed). Next, from your desktop/laptop connected to the same network, type in the URL displayed on the iPad into your internet browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome). Be advised to remember to include http:// or your iPad"s webpage might not be displayed.

Once the webpage is displayed, click on "Choose File" and navigate to the location of your company"s logo. NOTE: the logo file must be named: "logo.png" and is case-sensitive. TIP: 100 x 100 pixels works best. Click on "Submit" once you have double clicked on your logo.png file. Tap the "Done" button on your iPad and viola! Your logo is displayed.

How To Change the Company Information

Tap on the "Change Company" button. The company information is enabled and you can tap on "Company Name", "Address 1", "Address 2", "Phone", "Fax or Website". The keyboard will appear and you can type in the name of your company. When completed, tap on the "Save" button.

The information in this iPad app is designed to provide an easy to build job proposal. It is provided as is, and isn"t necessarily endorsed or approved by this app"s author. Due to the variance of many local, city, county, and state laws, we recommend that you seek professional legal counsel before using this form or entering into any contract or agreement.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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